Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Birth of April

On baggage

On baggage

ith the increase of wisdom, the baggage on our bag is heavier. But when our baggage is heavier, has our wisdom been increased to?

As the saying goes, "after a setback, one grows wiser". "Wiser" here means he would not take the risk as earlier. If you had failed from a long-distance relationship, you would never start anther long-distance relationship even all other factors meet?

So the same shall hold true, "the elder, the less brave". Everybody has been presented with certain opportunities, what makes the difference is that the really wise ones recongnized opportunties and grasped them.

The wise ones had looked over the setbacks and see the hope at the destination. Yet, the ordinary ones stayed where they were and lost one more change to make himself a better life. There baggague make you less aggressive, less energetic, and hence less wiser. One shall also learn to the baggage as the growth of years, and continue to march to the goal that has been set.

Like stock, past ROI does not guarantee future Similiarly, past setbacks does not mean you will not reach the goal that you always wanted.

Don't Lose Faith

Steve Job said in one of his speeches,

“Sometimes life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith”.

So don't lose faith, stay focused as always. Once you survive from a disaster, you are tougher and blessings will be coming on your way

Men are parallet circuit, women are serial circuit


Our life, just like everybody else’s, has ups-and-downs. When the life-journey of the two people gets a little bumpy, whether due to the rotten work, or the spoiled relationship, or whatnot, it’s a sign that something needs to be sorted out.

While Tim and I were working through the recent issue we had, I felt there is a fundamental difference between how men and women function. And, the different unfortunately often exaggerates the tricky situation rather then dwindle it.

Men generally function like a parallel circuit – the mind, heart and body runs their own course. No interference and unnecessary dependencies.

Men’s inherent insensitivity often either shields them from recognizing a problem most of the time or lends them a convenient escape from facing the problem.

In addition, men are naturally born hunters, aggressive, competitive and possessive. The idea of sharing common experience and emotions does not appeal to their so-called male ego. So, they usually don’t talk to each other at personal level. It’s not because they don’t have the need, it’s because they are scared to death to expose their own weakness to other male hunters. That’s why sometimes the stress from a demanding job, the frustration in the relationship, the gains or loss from the stock market greatly increases their desire to have sex. Why? Sex serves as relieving avenue for the repressed feeling, be it stress or happiness.

As of women, we function like a serial circuit – if any one component is burnt out, the whole thing does not work at all. Not just that part of our body surrounding the specific item. It’s the entire us – mind plus heart plus body. Our life is a recipe, then any one ingredient being bad will spoil the entire pot. In order for us to function again, we need to sort the problem out. Not tomorrow, not a bit later. We need to talk about it right now and right here.

According to the extensive survey I have conducted with all my girlfriends, nothing drives us more nuts than our boyfriend/husband take a passive role in a fight. If you think avoiding us can help us calm down, I will tell you that you are wrong. When we are upset, or feeling mistreated, we need a sounding board, a pair of attentive ears, a focused mind on the issue, a caring heart to spoil us, a warm chest for us to lean on and cry the heart out, a strong pair of arms to hold us, a kiss, and a “I am sorry” in the end, even though you might still be angry at us, or it’s not your fault at all…

In return, we will make it up for our men.