Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On baggage

On baggage

ith the increase of wisdom, the baggage on our bag is heavier. But when our baggage is heavier, has our wisdom been increased to?

As the saying goes, "after a setback, one grows wiser". "Wiser" here means he would not take the risk as earlier. If you had failed from a long-distance relationship, you would never start anther long-distance relationship even all other factors meet?

So the same shall hold true, "the elder, the less brave". Everybody has been presented with certain opportunities, what makes the difference is that the really wise ones recongnized opportunties and grasped them.

The wise ones had looked over the setbacks and see the hope at the destination. Yet, the ordinary ones stayed where they were and lost one more change to make himself a better life. There baggague make you less aggressive, less energetic, and hence less wiser. One shall also learn to the baggage as the growth of years, and continue to march to the goal that has been set.

Like stock, past ROI does not guarantee future Similiarly, past setbacks does not mean you will not reach the goal that you always wanted.

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